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I'm Nohe.

Born and raised in Paia, Maui, I am lucky to still call it home. I am running for the Paia - Makawao - Haiku County Council seat because I am hopeful, I'm hopeful that we can work together to nurture this place we call home. We have an obligation to address our challenges today to inspire a better tomorrow. Let's ensure that our children and future grandchildren have a place to live, a place to thrive. As a councilmember I hope to channel the wisdom of those who came before us with love for my family and deep respect for the land as my guiding principles. I hope to one day have the opportunity to be the kūpuna my great-grandma was to me.

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Maui County is our home and it is the foundation of who we are. My family was fortunate to have someone like my great-grandma, Big Grandma as we called her,  who was always thinking of our future. She left the family land in a trust to make sure we had a place to grow. Our land is not just a place, it's our identity. It's where we gather with old and new friends. It’s where we celebrate, where we mourn, where we heal and where we grow. I want to make sure that we have the opportunity to leave something for our great-grandchildren, even if we may never get to meet them.

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We are struggling to find living wage jobs and we are priced out of renting or buying homes. Many families are moving away because they can’t survive here. Let’s work collectively to build back a Maui where families can prosper.


Maui is our home. My family has been here for eight generations and I hope we can be here for eight more. Together, let’s make decisions that respect our island home and create a promising Maui.


I worry that our community has become divisive. It’s become increasingly more difficult for our leaders to bridge the gap for disagreements. I will lead through balanced conversation and staying true to our local values.

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Thank you to the following organizations who are supporting me in my journey to foster balanced conversations to leave a Maui that our children and grandchildren will love.

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